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Who We Are

Fun fact: We’re family.

Paul and Jessica have been married since 2013 and have two young boys. Michael and Jessica are siblings who grew up in the same neighborhood all of us live in today. Jessica started her content marketing business in 2014, Paul took the leap to freelance in 2019, and in 2023, Michael followed suit. That’s when we decided to create Holston Content Collective as a way to pool our talents and abilities and maximize our service to clients. Get to know each of us below.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Leigh Brown

B2B Content Writer

Jessica loves looking at complex topics and uncovering stories that will resonate with readers. Over the past decade, she’s worked with clients and marketing agencies to create content for top brands such as Intel, Cisco, Samsung, Telit, CDW-G, Toshiba, Zoom, and Honeywell. As a journalist, her work has appeared in more than a dozen consumer, trade, and alumni publications including University Business, EdSurge Higher Ed, Education Dive, and Haslam Magazine. In her (rare) spare time, you’ll usually find her reading classic books or baking sourdough bread.

Paul Brown

Paul F. Brown

Higher Ed. and Agriculture Content Writer

Paul brings strong storytelling and a detailed eye to his writing. As a former classroom teacher, he approaches educational topics with firsthand experience. He has written alumni features, academic webpages, and content marketing for the University of Tennessee, Florida State University, Northwestern State University, and others. Paul further focuses on agriculture, with content for ag colleges such as those at Auburn University and the University of Georgia, and agritourism magazine features for Farm Flavor Media. He has also authored two history books.

Michael Boling

Michael E. Boling

B2B Content Writer and Researcher

Michael spent the last 15 years in academia, perfecting his writing style while teaching the next generation of content marketers and PR practitioners. After graduating in 2015 with his Ph.D. in Communication with a focus on technology, he worked as faculty at a number of universities around the country. Michael's love of teaching is only matched by the exciting challenges posed by a large-scale research project. He has been published in several academic journals and multiple conference presentations. Eventually, Michael branched out to work as a freelancer on content marketing projects for tech companies like Hologram and Telenor, and in 2023 left academia entirely to pursue full-time freelancing as part of the Holston Content Marketing Collective. Between writing a dissertation on RPG video games and a lifetime of Sci-Fi, Michael is also a proud nerd.

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